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10,000 uniquely generated monsters NFTs. Welcome to Monster Academy)

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Monster's is a collection of 10,000 uniquely hand-drawn and algorithmically generated NFTs on the Polygon blockchain.

Why unique

Every Monster features original artwork and is randomly and uniquely assembled from over 31500 total options.

Each Monster is unique and special!

Monsters are generated from over 30 attributes based on rarity, there is never the same Monster. From hats, glasses, clothes, mouthes and hands! The rarer the attributes, the rarer your Monster will be!

Over 42 unique hand-drawn Monster attributes

They are all unique and prefer to live in the community! The rarer the attributes, the rarer your Monster will be. All generated Monster's have an unique id ranging from #1 to #10,000.


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Starting to Global Marketing & Partnership process

For 10% of total sales we will buy a #shib (Shiba inu token) and send to someone from our NFT holder



Token Airdrop For NFT Holders


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